Take Out Tong Heads

High alloy rolled aluminum plates are the material used for producing our Blow Head Arms.
Our delivery program includes SG, DG, TG Quick Change, and Standard Types from 3” to 6 ¼”

In range:

  • Standard Take Out Tong Heads
  • With adjustable inside cooling
  • X-Y adjustable Take Out Tong Heads
  • Movable Take Out Tong Heads


Standard Take Out Tong Heads
Available from 3″ to 6 1/4″ 

With adjustable inside cooling
Integrated air nozzels pulling cooling air inside the bottle.
In the time from the Blankmold to the Deadplate you stablelize the container and reduce the time in the Blowmold. 

Included valves are responsible for the controlled stream out 

X-Y- adjustable Take Out Tong Heads 
You can adjust each Take – Out – Tong unit to the finish
-Available in all CD’s-

Movable Take-Out-Tong-Heads 
Takes the bottle with the machines CD’s. Within the time from the Blank Mold to the Dead Plate it moves together by a fixed measure.
E.g. from TG 4 1/4″ to 85mm or TG85mm to TG 3″