Effects on Hartmann & Bender’s production and service operations

Dear customers,
even in these difficult days, we are trying to manage deliveries in time as well as holding our customer contacts by phone or online meetings.
Below you can get some further information about our production capacitiy, sales & service as well as logistic situation.

Even after contact restrictions our capacitiy is still running with 100%.
Any losses in time due to illness or technical issues we compensate with weekend shifts.
Our material procurement does not show any dramatic chanings in delivery dates so far.
Service shops for material treatment works with 100% capacitiy as well .

Sales and Service


As usual, inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.
Special technical needs can be discussed and specified via our online meeting portal.
You can get an access on the betom above or on our main site.

Personal customer visits are not offered so far.
We apologize for this, considering everyones health.

Depending on the target country and its restrictions, our products are currently being delivered with delays.

Therefor, only completion dates of goods are fixed in the order confirmations.

We will keep you up tp date

Stay healthy

Yours sincerely

The Ruschmann family