• Hinge pin to center same as 5" DG

  • H&S + Mold Diameter. same as the No.4 Offset Hanger for 4 1/4" SG

  • MATERIAL: EN-GJS-600-3

Hartmann & Bender designed and produced the 5 “SG Blank Hanger with the H & S dimensions as well as the diameter equivalent to the No.4 Offset Holder for 4 1/4″ SG CD.

The special feature of this holder is the same distance from the Hinge Pin to the center as for 5″ DG Hangers

Normally the center jumps back by 9.55mm when you convert from 5″ DG to 5” SG.

Please contact our sales team for tasks like this. We are looking forward to the next challange